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sex outside your current relationship
I need to go out and get me some strange tonight.
автор: fancypants 10 июля 2003
1106 369
A description commonly applied by male American, bachelors in the 50s and 60s to the anonymous mass of women whom they aspired to engage in casual sex with.

A clever, still slightly naughty, synonym for more profane terms like 'pussy' or 'trim'.
Bob: Hey Chuck, where's the best place around here to find some strange?

Chuck: I'm not the cassa nova you think I am, but The Gin Mill is always crawling with strange. Shall we?
автор: fletchlives 30 мая 2005
580 343
A piece of ass that you get in addition to your regular woman
My girl is getting on my nerves so let me hit the club and get some strange.
автор: JWM Miko 10 июля 2003
524 301
An outdated term referring to having sex with a "strange"-er, similar to a hookup. Used in the same way as getting some ass.
My girlfriend keeps blue balling me so I got some strange last night.
автор: Susan Anthony 25 января 2011
170 124
A woman's vagina
Friend: damn Taylor's strange is wide

Me: yeah it's been tamed too much times
автор: Abc124 19 февраля 2014
14 4
A woman/men with whom a person has not previously had sex with.
Lately I've passed up a couple opportunities to get some strange. Thats so unlike me.


That hottie at the bar keeps looking at me so I'm going over to get me some strange.
автор: Dave Davis the third 10 февраля 2009
129 123
Heard this purposed as a question, by an illiterate person,when I questioned the meaning, It was repeated.
Strange ,I think this means sex but not sure, never heard it called "strange" before
"Do you want some strange?"
автор: Deceldo 19 февраля 2014
2 10