(based on economic status) think you are above the rest
J had a car accident and doesn't have transportation, and F suggested to ride the bus...
J: I'm not bus material
F: Dang, you're stuck up.
автор: boricana517 11 августа 2005
A stuck up can mean a tight fisted git who wouldn't want to spend money on their friends.

It can also mean that they only love themselves and they wouldn't care about anyone elses problems.

A stuck up is commonly known as a snob. Someone who's rich and would look down at you like you're not worth a penny.

Stuck ups think they can treat you how they like just because they might have some sort of high status.

They think they are someone special and think that they can run you down by calling you either childish or pathetic. They like to argue a bit like a chav does.

They pretend to care about a person when they really don't and are always acting stupid.
Snob:'Oh you are sooo childish'

Person:'So are you by saying that you stuck up'
#tight #fisted #git #snob #posh
автор: Llama God 9 сентября 2006
Someone who feels they are better than most
When englishmen would stick their noses up in the air and snort snuff it would mean stuck up
That englishman is stuck up
#snob #rich #better #englishmen #tobacco
автор: Luigi the Pimp 29 октября 2005
Thinks hes right all the time. Tells you what to do.Takes selfies on Jorges phone. Looks through jorges texts. Tells you what to do. Usually not street smart. Named Noah.
-that guy is so stuck up!
-oh thats noah!
#jerk #rude #douche #douchebag #mean
автор: bestest un the westest 10 апреля 2014
One of the things that makes a Myspace Whore a Myspace Whore, especially in Scottdale, PA, Myspace Whore Central.
*Sends message to Myspace Whore trying to communicate*

Myspace Whore: Meh *Doesn't send any response back or even acknowledges it, acts stuckup*
#scottdale #myspace whore #fails #at #comprehending #what #a #is #and that #they #are #stuckup
автор: whatevaaaaar 20 декабря 2010
Not worthy of a commitment.
Has trouble making friends.
Becomes the social outcast at school.
No one fits in with him or her.
Jealous of the outside world.
Fiona was acting stuck up when she was around the other girls.
Her hands were all shaking all over.
Disco ball.
Ugly people.
Dora the explorer.
Blush on cheeks.
Flash a smile
#ex: dumb #forgetful #gross #heroic #girls
автор: mona lisa 28 августа 2014
A stuck up person is someone who waits on you at the bakery, cafe, or other place but when you pass right by them in the coffee shop, on the street or other place, they won't look at you, they won't acknowledge your presence and they certainly won't speak even a "hi" to you.
The stuck up girl who works in the bakery and who's waited on my son and I about a thousand times. I noticed her not being friendly to my son and I right from the get-go. After a month or so I got sick of it and mentioned it to the manager right in front of this worker. After that she starts being friendlier and I even chat with her a little at times. But how come I wasn't surprised when we saw her at the coffee shop and she totally ignores us. I think she's terrible; I can't stand the sight of her.
#stuck up #conceited #snob #snobbish #snooty #think they are better #bad character trait #form of wickedness #bad person #friendly #good #nice #polite #kind
автор: ItellU 28 августа 2011
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