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lucky, fortunate (uk slang)
I've just won twenty quid on the fixed odds.
You stuffy twat!
автор: ant 11 августа 2004
527 221
A word used to describe a girl with a nice fat ass..
"yo that girl jenn got a stuffy!"
автор: BNorth 30 ноября 2005
73 30
a stuffed toy monster, most commonly made from fleece or felt.
usually handmade.
are often disturbingly cute.
similar to plushies.

i made a stuffie for my niece's birthday.

i collect stuffies.

i'm trying to come up more designs for stuffies.
автор: stefania-zee 16 января 2008
23 5
A dutch cigar with all the tobacco removed and stuffed with weed, as opposed to opened, emptied and rolled.
So me and my friend had just gotten finished with three blunts when he reached into his bag and pulled out the STUFFY.
автор: Capn_Sammich 2 февраля 2009
31 16
A word that girls use so they can have something to bitch about
*girl walks into room*
"Gosh it's so stuffy in here"
автор: applealex 25 марта 2010
18 8
Another word for stuff that "deserve" the word stuffies.
Can also be used under cases of hyperactivity, then everything becomes stuffies.
That's my favourite stuffie.
Could you get me some stuffies from the fridge?
автор: SuperWay 3 апреля 2006
14 9
having dandruff on the scrote/ballsack/pubes
that little prick alfred is especially stuffy today
автор: disturbing guy 16 мая 2011
11 17