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A Remote Access Trojan (RAT). Subseven comes with a client , server and EditServer program. The server is installed onto a computer without the victims knowledge offen by being bound to a legitimate program while the client is used to control the victim's computer. SubSeven if offen used by Wannabe hackers because of the lack of skill required to use this simple tool. Real hackers have little respect for the Lamers who use this program.
Dose anyone know a tutorial on SubSeven?
автор: Jamal 20 апреля 2005

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fucktard hackers lamers sub7 trojan trojan. wannabe
Name given to a remote program often used as a trojan.
Stupid firewall couldn't find that SubSeven trojan!
автор: Falconrath 14 августа 2003
Often used? That's what it is fucktard
Sub7 is a trojan. It has more feature's than any other trojan, includes an IP tool.
автор: Lame-Lamer-Lamest 12 октября 2003