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A sailor. Disparaging.

This term, frequently used by non-sailors to refer to sailors, is most likely a contraction of the term "swabbie" or "swabby", presumably derived from the notion of sailors "swabbing the deck". "Swabbie/y" is currently in use only among the elderly; "swab" is the more common term among young people.

Typically applied to sailors of the U.S. Navy.
When the ships come in, all the swabs come down to the bars to get drunk.
автор: osofuchi 15 августа 2005
Slang for female masturbation. Coined by a female caller to the Big O and Dukes radio show.
Caller: "I swab to the sex scene in Monster's Ball."
автор: Chad Michael Michaels 19 марта 2008
Super weak ass bitch.
Me: Bro, you comin out tonight?

Bro: Nah, I'd rather stay home and do something lame.

Me: Stop being a swab.
автор: Brolociraptor11 19 марта 2011
To "swab" is to perform in the act of female masturbation, or to finger a female.

The past tense would be "Swabbed".

Angela: "I'm so horny, I think I'm gonna go swab."

Marcus: "I was swabbing this girl the other day, and she totally had herpes!"

Jaime: "It smells like tuna in here!"
Katie: "Sorry...I just swabbed."
автор: Cela J. 28 августа 2012
"Slut With A Boyfriend"- a girl who displayed sorts of promiscuity whilst engaged in a committed relationship with another man ACCREDITED TO JOSEPH KIMMEL
"Why is she all over him, she has a boyfriend?" "Because she's a s.w.a.b.
автор: Amazing person amazing 14 августа 2010
A young lady who responds to a gentlemans attempts to get into her knickers with monosyllabic disinterest.
A Single Word Answer Bitch.
"She looks well fit, but I tried chatting her up, and she's a right SWAB!"
автор: BadBeast 14 декабря 2009
an acronym for Shanked With A Bullet

Due to the superior feeling caused by stabbing someone with a knife in the gaming world, swab or swabbed is used to ridicule an opponent after an especially superior kill. Since a shank is essentially a pointed object, to swab someone basically means to shank them at range.
ch00bs4uc3: Dangit I died!
xXxNubSlayerxXx: Oh baby, you've just been swabbed!
автор: Omberto 19 января 2010