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another word / slang word for weed, hemp, marijuana, reefer, etc....
mostly used in the state of texas,,, check the lyrics to "sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World.. sweet is defanetly slang for weed !!
автор: Stacy 20 февраля 2005
30 31
A sex tweet.
He was busted for sending sweets.
автор: k1011 27 июня 2011
1 3
Totally awesome, or, the general response to a stunt or trick of high quality, and regard. To perform with utter, unadulterated awesomeness.
Dude, that was like the sweetest move I've ever seen!

It would be pretty sweet if you could pull off a 900.

автор: Drew 26 октября 2004
8 10
What people say when they have nothing else nice to say about someone.
Kims mom - What do you think of my new boyfriend?
Kim- Hes seems uh.....sweet
автор: Underyou 27 декабря 2008
4 7
An adjective or noun describing a cute girl who isn't quite legal. More specifically it refers to a girl who is sixteen.
You know you have a sweet tooth when you still have pictures of Lizzie McGuire on your walls.
автор: phat ho 30 ноября 2005
4 7
some girl scout selling some sweets at the door
автор: boogerboy 14 июня 2003
11 14
if someone does something to be acting gay or if they say something gay
omgg you mad sweet!

автор: J3NNiiF3R 14 ноября 2007
5 9