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n. the swagger of a douche
Wow. Look at him and his swouche.

He's so cute, but he's got such a bad swouche that I just can't date him.
автор: rybran 6 ноября 2009

Слова, связанные с swouche

cunt douche douchebag foreskin george w. bush penis smegma stupid swagger swoosh ugly vagina
To take a wisk of generally strong Russian vodka, or sometimes Listerine, and forcibly hose it into the depths of the vaginal abyss of a female, hence rendering your mouth a makeshift douchebag, or in this case a swouchebag.
Emily Cronin's vaginal chasm had once again filled itself with moderately sized fungal colonies, and I offered to swouche it for her and rid it of its live cultures.
автор: Fletcher, Grandson of Genghis 2 мая 2007
a sound made when douching the vagina.
last night when my girlfriend was cleaning her box and i heard the loudest swouche ever.
автор: wam 19 ноября 2004