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In the drag community, tea is particularly juicy or sought after gossip or info. Often, but not always, drag drama is associated. Tea is often served during or after drag pageants, especially in online chat sites like Carrie Fairfield where gossip feeding frenzies involving the latest drag related news are a commom occurrence.
Gurl 1: Do you have the tea on the Miss Burned Out Mess 2010 pageant? Inquiring minds want to know about the one judge.
Gurl 2:Yeah, check out the thread about it on Carrie Fairfield ,the tea is being served.
автор: binkydeamon 26 октября 2010
14 3
1. An herbal infusion of the leaves of the plant Camelia sinensis consumed as a caffeinated beverage. Originally a Chinese development, tea spread throughout the Far East in ancient times, and then to the West.

2. The evening meal. Mainly this applies in the UK and former Commonwealth countries.

2. An older term meaning the smoked drug derived from Cannabis sativa, i.e. marijuana. This use of the term dates at least as far back as the 1930s.
"Good Tea is My Weakness" -- Sidney Bechet
автор: Beaters 2 октября 2008
20 9
a term for canabis made popular in the 50's by Jack Kerouac and fellow beats.
Family Guys on tonight, we better get some tea.
автор: jentracy 26 февраля 2006
33 22
Tea is simply the Ambrosia of the gods.
автор: IndyIndy 4 января 2010
11 1
The best drink ever asides from wine, whiskey, and coke classic.
I drink sencha tea at least once a month.
автор: Cogitator 9 августа 2008
18 8
A name but not used that often
Hi my name is Tea

Tea Leoini
автор: Ifuseekamytonight 28 мая 2009
15 10
When it is spelled with a capital letter, without needing one, in the middle of the sentence, it is most likely a reference to anal sex.
"Would you like some Tea, miss?"
автор: Mr.Underscore. 29 ноября 2012
3 1