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1. To take forcefully

Ant: Pimped
Yo, I was walkin' down the strizzeet, and some punk-ass bitch up and thugged my ring, dogg.
автор: Happy 10 марта 2005

Слова, связанные с thugged

thug thugs gangsta gangster ghetto pimp hood nigga gang cool nigger wigger sexy black swag goon rap life g boss
To get put down or be made a fool out of. Used in the same context as played and treated
"After I let him smash he didn't call me."
"Bitch, he thugged you."
автор: MelancholyLegend 17 апреля 2008
(th-ug-ged) adj. : Another way in which to describe someone or something that is thug, or thug-like.
(th-ug-ged-ness) n. : having attributes that are thug-like
John killing that bitch really showed me that he had a THUGGED lifestyle.
автор: J. Palmer 16 февраля 2006
To be so drunk that you look like youve just been thrown down stairs.
Guy:"Dude, you're thugged. Get in the cab."
Thugged Friend:"Boufdish cafentekal!"
автор: Pinkerton 11 октября 2003