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the toppest of all lels, includes top hell and top gun. very popular on sites such as reddit and 9gag :^)
A- arbitrary funny shit
B- lel
A- even funnier shit
B- top lel
автор: lerusemasterxDD 2 апреля 2013

Слова, связанные с top lel

lel lel kek kek lol lol 9gag 9gag dubs dubs faggot faggot flick flick ghey ghey hair hair homosexual homosexual
The gayest possible variation of "lol". Sad little unfunny children attempt to use this as a means of "being different from the crowd" when it only makes them look like complete and utter faglords. Anyone normal human being who has any respect for themselves would do right to stay away from this acronym forever.
Kid A: Hurr durr Is got swag.

Kid B: Liek Top LeL xD :^) :3!!?!?
автор: TheHugeCrasher 17 декабря 2013