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A rag used for cleaning up the sperm that is emitted through masturbation.
This word may also be used as an insult,relates to TOSSER.
Commonly used in male teenage circles,possibly originating in 1980's.
"I've shot off and haven't got a TOSSRAG.I'll have to use this old sock"
автор: Mugwump 11 ноября 2004

Слова, связанные с tossrag

c-shr cum rag scraping shannon slut tomfoolery tosser tosspot tosspottery wankery whore
like a sock covered in cum. Good for insulting any old twat that pisses you off ! swiflty followed buy another top notch insult .
Ross: " Did you know, I'm colourblind but only to synthetic colours ! "
Matt: " Oh, your such a toss rag ! Go fuck your dinosaur whore of a mum ! "
автор: matt w & ross 23 июля 2006