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when you are about to eat the hell out of something because you haven't eaten in almost forever.
normal guy - "Dude, you haven't eaten since last week."

starving man - "Yeah, I'm about to vietNOM this burger."
автор: ireallywishiwaspaulyD 1 мая 2011
4 3
To perform oral sex on an individual of Vietnamese ethnic or cultural background. Additional "nom"s may be added for emphasis (i.e. "vietnomnomnom").
Did you see Mike vietnomnomnomming that azn chick at the party last night?
автор: DoctorWhat 29 мая 2011
2 5
The place where om nom nom nom was born, it is the hometown of nom.
Jim: Where I come from this food is just OK, not great, but OK.
Nom: Oh ya? Well, I'm from vietNOM Nom Nom **then you eat the food**.
автор: Dr. Wigglesmith 24 декабря 2008
14 19