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Viet Nam


Anything that looked like a good idea at the time, but has become a quagmire from which you cannot retreat gracefully.

A relationship that is unpleasant but can't be dropped.

An unsolvable problem or bad situation you should have backed out of a long time ago.
I thought my boss would appreciate this new project, but it's Viet Nam.

"I thought you were getting along with your brother now?"
"Viet Nam."

That party was Viet Nam.
автор: isonomist 18 ноября 2010
5 2
A war where America stuck their fat arse where it wasn't welcome and fucked things up big style. A simple example of general American incompetance.
Vietnam ... hahaha , Beaten by a bunch of farmers
автор: Andychap 7 апреля 2004
182 181
The country that handed the USA's arse to them, The Americans being American, waltzed into Vietnam thinking they'd win and actually got destroyed. The vietnamese are superior at jungle warfare seeing as it's there homeland.
Vietnamese people destroyed the Yanks in vietnam!
автор: Iknowmanymorethings 22 июля 2010
29 39
When you get involved with something that you have no business in
That shit was so vietnam
автор: Maxhol 28 июля 2007
47 58
To have sex with someone. Can also be used in the phrases "going to vietnam" or "went to vietnam."
Dude, I totally went to vietnam with that girl last night
автор: Your Pleasant Nightmare 21 апреля 2011
3 28
when a man tucks his dick and balls between his legs and stands up straight. Spin him around and you get the "reverse vietnam"
Dick showed his girlfriend the vietnam and she didnt think it was funny until she saw the reverse vietnam
автор: balla696969 15 сентября 2009
9 49
A traumatic event or bad situation from which you need to escape immediately.
So that party last night, all the underage kids started puking up. We were loading them into ambulances to get their stomachs pumped and their parents were turning up. Fucking Vietnam, man.
автор: bryce_h 27 сентября 2006
37 82