A thing that is always the same
"And war, war never changes."
#battle #world war i #word war 2 #nazi #fallout 3
автор: theodore_logan 19 декабря 2009
War is only very rarely necessary. Hey that rhymes!! :3
I can only think of a few times in history when war was absolutely necessary. WWII is one of those instances.
#war #peace #love #hate #:3
автор: unpigeonholeable 23 июля 2009
Dumb way to make peace. Stupid. Un-needed. Wages unneeded deaths of young men,nd women. Fucked up. Destroying the world.
Hey whats War?" "War is Stupid
#stupid #un-needed #fucked up #dumb #killing #death #destruction
автор: AXtheUnIVerse 7 августа 2010
A matter too serious to be entrusted with the military.
"War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military."
Georges Clemenceau (1841 - 1929)
#wor #peace #fight #battle #duel
автор: Mertown 9 июня 2007
Favorite game of powerful men with small penises.
Hitler couldn't get no stank on the hanglow from polish bitches, so he whacked the bitches.
автор: Phil McCrevice 7 июня 2003
Something made up to divide territory, but than a bunch of stupid assholes decided it would be a good way to kill people for reason. Something parents use to twist their childrens point of view to match theirs, also journalists, news reporters, ect use it to twist opinions.
In the civil war, after battles journalists literally went out to the battle fields to find dead bodies and position them to make it look like the other side tortured them.
#george bush #assholes #blood #gore #horrible
автор: Peace Keeper 7 апреля 2010
a delay in curing diseases that need to be cured.
with the millions we spend on war we need to spend it on curing stds and cancer!
автор: gunslingergirlvy_c_e 24 июля 2005
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