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Someone or something that you want to get rid off but really can't.
This someone or something is so annoying that it drives you crazy but still you've gotten attached to it and you can't live without it.
On one hand there's something about her that makes me want to spend all my time with her but on the other hand I know it's not the best thing for me. She's a real Wart.
автор: jozefa 10 апреля 2008
55 21
The thing that just fell off my toe that bleeds and hurts when you bump it against the table leg.
I have a bloody scab where my wart was
автор: wort gal 12 ноября 2003
79 63
An acronym for "watermelon ass ripping turd", describing a large poop that felt like it ripped your ass on the way out.
Upon rising from the toilet, Biff shouted "Hey guys! I just had a watermelon ass ripping turd! It was a Wart!"
автор: Chronitron 16 марта 2009
37 26
What happens when you go to Vegas .
Man 1) Have fun in Vegas ?
Man 2) Hell naw some drunk stripper gave me warts !
Man 3) Daaaaamnnnn sucks to be you .
автор: None yo damn business 29 июня 2009
27 18
A journalistic tool primarily used in a profile piece. The wart adds human flaws and characteristics to the story, so the piece doesn't come off as being unbiased and promotional. This will show the person's shortcomings. Warts could address serious concerns, or add a sense of humor to the piece.
Use the person's criminal record as a way to add a wart to the story.
автор: Salem XIII 27 февраля 2008
19 16
a crude semi acronym meaning "where are the sluts"
you should come out friday night bro, its gonna be a typical warts night.
автор: JackTheRapperUSA 29 ноября 2010
4 6
a flaw or imperfection
The single wart in the programming was frequently overlooked.
автор: The Return of Light Joker 14 мая 2009
7 9