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Weebl is NOT an egg, if you push an egg, it will fall down, if you push weebl, he will wobbl, like the popular childs toys Weebles!
n00b: lolol look at teh egg wid pi3!!11!
notan00b: no, weebl is a weeble, not an egg, fucknut!
автор: a guy 1 июня 2004
71 59
1. The Flash Animator from London famous for his Magical Trevor animations and his Weebl and Bob toons (Wobbl and Bob on MTV London). Real name is Jon Picking. Famous for his catchy music and bright Flash creations, he's considered one of the best Flash artists on the Web. Owner of the websites www.weebls-stuff.com and www.weebl.jolt.co.uk

2. The main character out of the net short "Weebl and Bob". (www.weebl.jolt.co.uk)
1. Yo, that Weebl dood is pimp!
2. And Weebl said "PIE PIE PIE PIE PIE!"
автор: Mongolian 3 февраля 2005
282 54
an impressive flash tton made by jonti picking, maker of badgers and the anchor spreadable adverts. it can be found at www.weebl.jolt.co.uk and at www.weebls-stuff.com
how much is that pie in the window?
автор: Ratboy the evil rodent (and weebl+bob fan) 27 марта 2004
111 60
A weeble
Brilliant flash animation
weebl: Want pie now!
weebl: lo Bob, You have Pie?
Bob: Yes
weebl: I like Pie!
Bob: Yes
weebl: Pie is good!
автор: a la dude 15 марта 2005
58 34
The funniest web cartoon... ever.
I see you met Kevin.
автор: Jeda 25 марта 2004
57 46
main character from the weebl and bob cartoon. A friend of bob
автор: Alistair haig 1 ноября 2003
34 23
Weebl and Bob rule the world- they are essentially gods.
person: Weebl sucks!
Weebl: Captain! Attack!

Ze Captain: Eeeeee *bonks person* Ow.
автор: Arr, matey 9 марта 2005
44 35