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Weed Wacker: when a male's erected penis continuously slaps a woman on her knees across the face during sex.

The male with his erected penis will rotate his hips to the left and right at a constant motion slapping the woman across the face.
Man: Oh baby, ready for the weed wacker?!
The Girlfriend: Yay! I've been waiting a long time for this!

Bill: Ow... My penis hurts from the weed wacker...
Jim: What did you do?
Bill: Don't worry about it.
автор: myballshurtalot 9 марта 2010
63 24
Someone who smokes marijuana and masturbates, often at the same time.
Scott: Today i met this guy in rehab. He told me about that he's addicted to pot and jacking off.

Eli: Oh, so he's a Weed Wacker?
автор: TheBigSTD 11 августа 2010
28 1
One who chronically masturbates while high on marijuana.
Don is such a weed wacker! All he ever does is smoke weed and masturbate!
автор: RobertPaulson 1 февраля 2008
36 19
One who masturbates like a ferocious lioness after they smoke weed.
Dealer: "This shit will get you just high enough to have the energy to be a weedwacker, man."
Lioness: "GRAWR!!"
автор: NuggBugg 28 июля 2010
9 2
Its a guy or girl that smokes weed and gets high, the masturbates.
Yo dude.
I got so fucking stoned last night.
Oh Yeah?
Yeah yo. I got horny then i beat the meat.
Nice yo (:
Its called Weed Wacking in other words imma Weed Wacker!
автор: CubzLuva12 6 декабря 2012
5 1
Someone who masterbates while on marijuana
"Man I was a weedwacker last night"
автор: Jonathin Smith 9 декабря 2009
7 3
On the contrary, a weedwacker is a person who doesn't approve of the usage of marijuana.
Nancy Reagan is such a weedwacker.
автор: Henry Kissenger 18 июня 2008
9 5