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Slang for West Hollywood. . . Gay Boi mecca of southern california
Lets go clubbin in Weho
автор: Meow 15 февраля 2004
shortened from west hollywood, california. weho is home to a large concentration of homosexuals. weho is a relatively fun place to live and visit with great restaurants, sites, bars and clubs. weho is also a great place to catch celebrities cavorting in their native habitat.

wehoe is a slight variation on the term and is used to (derogatorily) describe gay guys/boys/bois who are promiscuous and usually superficial. wehoes are usually vapid, drug-using/abusing gym nazis who care little about interpersonal relationships and more about their body, hair style, what zip code (90069 and 90046 are the coveted zip codes) they live in, what kind of car/suv they drive and who their other wehoe friends are.
"i live just off sunset on havenhurst in weho." or "did you see the outfit that wehoe is wearing?!" or "she (as in 'he') bought a new bmw x3 and she acts like it’s an x5!"
автор: torr melling 10 ноября 2006