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How is it goin?
What up DaWg
автор: Anonymous 23 марта 2003
405 102
it is the same as whats up
what up dude
автор: tommy 24 ноября 2002
314 167
mean hi
what up dog is u going ovr sierra house tonight
автор: lil bri-bri 17 декабря 2002
94 52
=What's up?
автор: Fangsta 17 марта 2003
65 48
a generlaised greeting, can be used in most situations but has only one correct response - i hate bottles
"what up"
"i hate bottles"
автор: idiot cat 28 ноября 2004
18 23
ob trice is better than vanilla ice
it is not cos he is wight or his mums a dike or cos he lives in a f##ing slum its cos hes gay and takes it up the ????
автор: mazzer 1 октября 2003
9 30
The most lazy, and unoriginal way to engage a conversation. Used by people who are bored with whom they are talking to, or have nothing else to say.
"Hey man...uh....what up
автор: Samuek 22 июля 2008
111 174