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1. Describing a state of mind of not giving a fuck and going hard in the paint. Normally involves drinking excessively, chasing pussy, talking shit, doing massive amounts of drugs, and generally partying your ass off.
Tom: You see John over there gettin after that skeezer, double fisting whiskey drinks?
Jack: You don't even know, he went to the casino and played through today.

Jim: What a fucking animal, he ate a bunch of acid and molly this morning at like 7.
Tom: That boy wild as hell.
автор: keefrichards 13 ноября 2013

Слова, связанные с wild as hell

wild crazy off the wall pussing out rage rowdy slow. stupid wyld as hell
Someone who goes overboard. Someone who just tries too hard...or does something noticeably stupid.
Did yu hear what Twyneshia did the other night?

-Yeah. She is so wild as hell for that.
автор: Off§eT §hawty_2009 19 июня 2009