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n.(or adj), the way a person is when they uncritically believe unsubstantiated or unfounded ideas. Short for "woo woo".(See Russell's definition of woo woo)
Shirley believes that in a past life she was the Jolly Green Giant of Rainbowland. Shirley is very woo.
автор: roger the fabricator 24 февраля 2004
301 147
to woo some body mean to make them fall for you make them like you
im goin to woo her i need to woo her why can't i woo her
автор: Janesy 7 апреля 2005
564 179
This is a sound made right before you give someone a hi-five after they have made a bad joke or an awkward comment.
"Dude, I think I am attracted to one of my aunts."


автор: u-e 27 марта 2005
274 175
Seducing a person romantically.
Jacob tried to woo sarah by sending her roses.
автор: moriejorie 17 октября 2010
86 34
someone who is a wimp; afraid to do something that he should do
Our new wide receiver is a real woos.
автор: Dr. Ben Abraham 19 мая 2003
137 98
weed mixed with cocaine
they called them woos; you crush up the weed and you smoke it with the cocaine
автор: woosword 25 апреля 2009
70 43
followed by 'hoo'. An exclamation. Something that you say at the beginning of a road trip.
woo hoo! i am so psyched!
автор: sweetness-and-light 30 апреля 2007
112 86