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WPC - winning phone call. Term used by people who enter competitions and the phone call they receive from promoters letting them know they've won!
OMG OMG - I just got a WPC
автор: Tiddalik 27 августа 2009
10 1
Well Past Cougar

Acronym for an ageing women who is still trying to look hot but is in fact rapidly deteriorating
Look at that mate, she's stretching it, she's a WPC
автор: jaggimo 11 сентября 2011
7 0
An Acronym describing the white society in today's world. More specifically, White People Crazy
Man, we got some WPC up in this bitch!
автор: Shnazzle Dazzler 22 сентября 2006
17 13
The acronym for White People Crazy. A term used to give a reason why white people do stupid shit.
Dude 1: You see those two white guys dancing and spilling beer all over everyone?

Dude 2: Yeah those motherfuckers are WPC.
автор: Shellie Shel 14 марта 2008
2 5
White People Clothes
Hey look that fool has on sum WPC.
автор: J Pizzle Preston 27 сентября 2006
6 10
blazin squad own record label "weighty plates click"
well der aint 1 really, just that blazin squad rule
автор: maria aka mazz 26 апреля 2004
1 6