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something thats disgusting
i asked alex fiore for one of his starbursts, he wouldnt give me one..not even the yucky yellow ones...stupid ass flower
автор: b-tizzle 18 мая 2004
378 919
drunk and crazy
I was out getting yucky with the boys
автор: Lunatic_foreveralone 2 июля 2011
2456 232
yuppies that you just don't like
Those yuckies coming out of their loft style apartment dropped their organic cucumbers
автор: A. Kool 2 марта 2011
2 5
AMANDA!! well shes a whore and a slut and a total butt muncher
a red haired 16 year old and still in 8th grade
автор: jessica 29 июля 2004
5 23
The word teeny boppers use when they want to say something is gross or nasty.
Trey vomited all over the floor and it was yucky!
автор: ~souba~ 19 ноября 2005
98 336
Something not very pleasant
I had to change Sol's poopy diaper and it was yucky!
автор: sallyjane 30 октября 2006
106 351
To be really high;;
If you smokey sticky icky;;therefore the icky will get you yucky
Man we smoked some fire ass weed, I'm so fxxking yucky right now.
автор: johndezzy 14 августа 2008
96 350
something gross
can also be said as yuck
Yucky! That baldy is bald!
автор: Aaron W. 6 декабря 2002
154 438